KURO-Bō is South Africa’s first and only 100% natural plastic-free water filter. It is a 100% organic, recyclable, sustainable and cartridge-free carbon water filter that naturally improves taste, purifies and mineralises tap water, while at the same time, balances pH. Introduced to the country by Camilla and Darrin Morisby who believe passionately in making sustainable and environmentally responsible choices, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal has undergone rigorous scientific testing*, affirming its successful capacity for:
• toxin, chemical and bacterial adsorption and removal from contaminated water
• balancing an acidic pH of spiked water
• enriching tap water with beneficial essential minerals
*Performed by A.L. Abbot & Associates, SANAS-accredited specialists in Water Treatment – Reg. No. 82/04379/07

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